Blog   Blog    en   OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Mastar function feedback on models 2017/3/29 15:40:30 Part 2: OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 feedback on Odometer adjustment1)For VAG group vehicles:Audi A3 is on the list from 2003 – 2006, 2007- up personally I have not triedAudi A3 2008 monocolore OKit can make Audi normal a6 before 2009Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 TFT color dash nec+24C64...]]>     Comprasion of OBDSTAR F100 F108 X100 pro X300 PRO3 X300M 2017/3/29 15:33:51 OBDSTAR...]]>     Difference between GM Tech 2 and GM MDI 2017/3/29 15:21:00 GM Tech2 FAQ: About Function Q1: Does GM tech2 Support Coding?A1: Yes, it does, but you need to buy an additional TIS2000, TIS2000 support cars programming until 2007 year. Q2: Can TECH2 support key coding and electronic control unit programming for all OPEL and Isuzu?A2:...]]>     OBDSTAR X300M X300-M Car List 2017/3/29 15:18:15     Xtool X100 PAD and X100 PAD2 comparison table 2017/3/21 16:13:02 YesYesABS ExhaustYesYesYesBattery resetYesYesYesHeadlight adjustmentNoYesYesGear learningYesYesYestire pressure warning light resetYesYesYesECU resetYesYesYesEEPROM adapterYesYesYesExhaust Gas Treatment (DPF)YesYesYesCar SuspensionNoYesYes Specification ComparisonX100 PADX...]]>     What's the difference between Kess V2 and Ktag? 2017/3/8 17:47:05     OBDSTAR Brand Tools Upgrade Announcement on February 7th 2017/3/6 15:28:57 15) Adding Toyota Camry 2011-2012 smart key system; 16) Adding Toyota Celsior 2000-2006 IMMO system; 17) Adding Toyota Corolla 2001-2006 IMMO system; 18) Adding Toyota Corolla 2007-2010 IMMO system; 19) Adding Toyota Corolla 2010- IMMO system...]]>     XTUNER-X500 System Updated! V2.2 to V2.5! 2017/3/6 15:26:37     K-TAG Master Version with Unlimited Token tech support 2017/3/6 11:38:25 Updateby CDby CDby CDby CDby CDTokens60 Tokens available, after use it up, get J-Link to add tokens.60 Tokens available, after use it up, get J-Link to add tokens.No Token Limitation500 tokensafter use it up, get J-Link to add tokens.No Token LimitationOSWindows XPWindows XPWin...]]>     What is the difference Among Easycoding SVDI ICOM A2 FVDI for BMW 2017/3/6 11:34:34     How To Register Autel Maxisys MS906 Diagnostic Scanner 2017/3/6 11:14:38