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it All! Because Now You Have a Priviate Serectary in Car Repair Tool Area!

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us:

1.16 Hours Online at your service

      Don’t you just hate it when you need to urgently speak to your Chinese Suppliers but they're not available? 

      Add Kellie’s whatsapp (+86 13302950980), 16 Hours Online at your service!

2.  Always honest about our Products

     Aren’t you tired of those suppliers who always answer “YES” when you ask if the diagnostic tool will work on your vehicle, but when you receive, only find out it doesn't?

     Add Kellie’s whatsapp (+86 13302950980), you may not be happy, because I might answer “NO”!

3.  Always welcome your after-sale enquiries

    Aren’t you fed up of those suppliers who were available only when you wanted to place order, but basicly vanished when you have after-sale enquires?

    Add Kellie’s whatsapp (+86 13302950980), I’d love to help if they don’t!

More Reason to Choose Kellie? Because they did!

1). Claudio / Edison from Brazil

      PS: With our contiuous help for over a month for free, Edison has saved Over 1000USD after suffering a year's disappointment with No After-sale at all on Ebay. I'm so glad I could help, Edison. (Claudio is a friend of Edison who helped with our communication in English. )


2).  Eddie from Zimbabwe 

      PS: Eddie visited our company in 2013, we've been very good friends in the following years, now he is introducing more and more customers to us. Thank you so much, Eddie! :)


3). Gnanaraj from Omen :

     PS: Gnanaraj is a customer who always worry about asking too many questions, I think that's great, because I know he is serious on business. And I'm glad that our contious patient service finally convinced him of cooperating with us again and again, and again! I'm grateful for that. :)


4). Patrick from Kenya :

      PS: After he has bought a Launch X431 5C in our store, he introduced a friend to us immediatly. I appreciate a lot on your trust, Patrick. :) 


5). Gentian from USA :

      PS: Gentian is a new customer in 2015, I definitly didn't expect his reference after a very small order of Vag 12.12.0. Thanks for your surprise. :)


6)Sukhwinder Singh from India:

      PS: Mr. Singh is an Indian buyer, he is very happy with our product (Xtool X100 PAD) and service in time. 


More Customer Testimony? 

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Add Kellie's whatsapp (+86 13302950980), let's start our business!

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