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The Golo pro 4.0 DZ is a diagnostic tool that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure 100% compatibility with the DZ V2 app. It offers various options for purchase, including bundles with extension cables and subscriptions to the diagzone pro software for different durations. The device provides access to a range of special functions such as brake, oil, SAS resets, and more, enabling technicians to efficiently service and diagnose vehicles. Additionally, it is part of the Launch Golo platform, which allows for real-time remote diagnosis, vehicle inspection, fault alerts, and other services through a dedicated messaging app, creating a comprehensive solution for automotive maintenance and car life.

This Golo pro 4.0 DZ boot version .

All the device are tested by IO tester before shipping and works 100% perfectly with DZ V2 APP.

How to choose Golo pro 4.0?

TYPE1 : Include golo pro 4.0 connector with extension cable.

TYPE2 : Include golo pro 4.0 connector , extension cable and diagzone pro 1 year.

TYPE3 : Include golo pro 4.0 connector , extension cable and diagzone pro 2 years.

TYPE4 : Only include golo pro 4.0 connector .

Package list:

1*Red Golo pro 4.0 Adapter


1*package box


If you can’t use the product after receiving it, please contact us immediately and we will guide you how to use it.Thank you.

Available special functions:

  • -Reset after replacing brake pads (BRAKE RESET);

  • -Reset of the service interval after oil change (OIL RESET);

  • -Reset the steering angle sensor (SAS RESET);

  • -Reset after replacing the battery with a new one (BAT. RESET);

  • -Air outlet from the ABS brake system (BLEEDING);

  • -Throttle valve adaptation (ETS RESET);

  • -Registering and removing tire pressure sensors (TPMS RESET);

  • -Burning and restoration of the particulate filter (DPF REG.);

  • -Automatic switching on and adjustment of auto light (AFS RESET);

  • -Adaptation of the EGR valve (EGR ADAPTION);

  • -Teaching and prescribing the crankshaft sensor (GEAR LEARN);

  • -Adaptation of the gearbox after repair (GEARBOX);

  • -Prescribing and deleting immobilizer keys (IMMO);

  • -Coding of new injectors after replacement (INJECTOR);

  • -Changing the odometer on the dashboard (ODOMETER);

  • -Setting up automatic opening / closing of the hatch depending on weather conditions (SUNROOF);

  • -Adaptation of the body height sensor – air suspension (SUS RESET);

  • -Reset of errors of airbags after an accident (AIRBAG RESET).

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Launch Golo is an instant messaging platform developed by LAUNCH, to build a vehicle repair shop, vehicle technicians and private car owners as the core of the
user`s social network application software. Through golo connector to obtain vehicle information and data, enabling real-time remote diagnosis, vehicles inspection, vehicle fault alarm, living communities and map location based service etc
automotive applications, to create a global platform for car maintenance and car life.

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